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    Product Description

    Knife Gate Valve service industries include: energy, petrochemical, metallurgical, chemical, mining, paper making, environmental protection, biochemical, pharmaceutical, oil, electricity, printing and dyeing, light industry, food, tobacco, sugar, beverage and other fields.

    Rate: Class150

    Size: NPS2-48 ( DN50-DN1200)

    Connection: Wafer type, Flange type, Lug type, Welded type

    Seal type: Soft or metal

    Material: GGG40-A356, CF8-A351, CF8M-A351

    Operated type: Handwheel, chainwheel, bevel gear, electric, pneumatic.

    1. Valve adopts integral design, with small fluid resistance and flexible operation.

    2. The screw drive of manual knife gate valve adopts the design of double plane bearing, which makes the transmission frictional force greatly reduced, so that the valve can be opened easily and easily.

    3, using movable type knife gate valve seal seat seal, and USES the o-ring preloaded with pre-tightening force make the seal seat close to the disc, leakage amount is greatly reduced, wear of sealing pair in the long-term use of automatic compensation function to improve the service life.

    4. Fixed guide claw, no groove design, not easy to cause media accumulation or card resistance.

    5. the seat can be according to the needs of medium and conditions, choose metal hard seal or soft seal: ram adopt surface chromium plated or ion nitriding treatment, make the ram is more wear-resisting, longer service life of sealing face;Soft seal optional PTFE seat or enhanced PTFE seat or tri-propylene, butyl rubber, good sealing, corrosion resistant.

    6. Wide range of media adaptation: good sealing performance and economic practicability, operation can be manual, pneumatic, electric, practical range is very wide.