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    Product Description

    DBB plug valves (Double Block and Bleed Plug Valve) can be isolated upstream and downstream, even under high pressure or high temperatures.This isolation is critical in situations where the leakage of the valve may have significant consequences.Once the fluid is isolated, the discharging mechanism can discharge two valves or two areas between the surface of the seat.This is important for monitoring the maintenance or integrity checking of leaks.

    DBB plug valves save space, reduce the need for expensive multi-valve systems, and provide zero-leakage capabilities from upstream to downstream.Such a valve also allows for the integrity check of the seat seals.In the field of oil and gas, double block and bleed and double isolation and relief valve can be used for various applications and markets, such as liquefied natural gas, petrochemical, transmission and storage, gas industry process, supervisor and manifold valves in liquid pipelines, and the refined product pipeline.The DBB plug valve is designed for use in liquid piping with duct and dual discharge characteristics and fully protected seating surfaces.

    The DBB plug valve is used in applications that require critical isolation to ensure that no leaks occur.What types of choices depend on the type of application and service.For example, in the waterway or near the city of liquid service, double expansion valve with DBB ability optimization for critical isolation, as they provide upstream and downstream tight mechanical seal at the same time, it usually is not affected by pressure changes or vibration.