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    Product Description

    Replaceable seat hard seal butterfly valves, including body, disc, stem, seat, end cap, turbine, pressure washer, multi-layer sealing ring and stainless steel welding layer, stem from the valve body on the axle hole insert to the axle hole, through the tail shaft hole face under cover seal, valve stem connection turbine box at the top;The butterfly plate is inside the body of the valve body. The stem is perforated through the shaft of the butterfly plate and the stem and the butterfly plate are perforated. The bolt is inserted through the perforation to fix the butterfly plate on the stem.Butterfly plate, multi-layer sealing ring and clamping ring, in turn, cascading set and the butterfly plate and compression ring through the first hexagon screws, activity seat through the second hexagon screws on the body of the port, stainless steel welding layer merger activity at a fixed seat wall, multi-layer sealing ring and stainless steel welding layer tightly.

    The inner wall of the stainless steel welding layer is inclined tapered, the outer wall of the multi-layer sealing ring is inclined cone, and the outer wall of the multi-layer sealing ring is consistent with the inner wall of the stainless steel welding layer.

    The upper shaft hole of the valve body is stepped inside, and is enlarged by the inward outward diameter. There is packing between the body of the stepped position and the stem, and a packing gland is arranged on the outer end of the upper axle hole.

    There is a seal between the active seat and the body.Replaceable seat butterfly valve after the failure of stainless steel welding layer you just need to change on the seat, avoid the existing technology of stainless steel welding layer damage to the body at the same time change caused by the problem, and stainless steel surfacing weld layer in the activities of a detachable seat, due to the volume of activity the seat from the body more small, weight is light, therefore, to processing and seat sealing surface of oblique cone of jigs and fixtures required for smaller volume, lighter weight, make tooling/fixture saves material, and to reduce the labor intensity of workers, improve the production efficiency.