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    Product Description

    DIN Cast Steel Bellows Seal Globe Valve 

    Design: DIN 3356 
    Face to Face: DIN 3202 
    Flange Connection: DIN 2543-2545

    Test & Inspection: DIN3230

    ApplicationHot oil system, steam system, hot and cold water system etc. 

    Medium:Steam, gases, hot water, thermal oil, ammonia etc.
    Materials : 1.0619+N(GS-C25)
    Materials of bellows: SS304, SS316, SS316L,SS 310S ,Hastelly C
    Size range : DN15-DN500 
    Pressure : PN16-PN160 
    Temperature : ≤600 ℃ 
    Fig No. : WJ41H 


    1.Bellow seal element. The key part of bellow sealed globe valves is metal bellow. It is the connection between cover and stem with automatic roll welding. The metal bellow can keep the stem part no leakage.

    2.Benefit from the con and streamline shape design, the disc has a reliable seal and longer service life.

    3.Double seal design(bellows+packing). Bellow and packing can protect against leakage and provide a excellent seal.

    4.Grease nipple. It can direct lubricate the stem, nut and sleeve.

    5.Ergonomic hand wheel. It provide longer service life and easier operation.

    Technical specification

    Design standard: DIN 3356

    Face to face dimension: DIN 3202

    Flange ends: DIN 2543-2545

    Test & inspection: DIN 3230

    Features of bellows seal valves: 

    ●Double wall bellows seal as standard. 
    ●Plug with marginal seat 

    ●Bellows seal welded to bonnet

    ●Welded seat 

    ● Bellows seal 10,000 load cycles

    ● External stem thread 

    ●Secondary sealing: gland packing(with bridge)

    ● Stem back seal 

    ● Yoke gasket, double chambered

    ● Stem with roll hardened thread